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Comment Policy

Comment Policy

Welcome to Unmochon24, an online Bangla news portal. We allow comments on our published news stories so that our readers can express their opinions and feedback. However, we expect our readers to follow certain guidelines when commenting:

  • Comments must be respectful, civil, and free of profanity.
  • Comments must be relevant to the topic of the news story.
  • Comments must be free of personal attacks, hate speech, racism, religious intolerance, and obscenity.
  • Comments must be based on true and verified information.
  • Comments must be legal and not promote or encourage any criminal activity.

We moderate all comments and will remove any comments that are found to be offensive, uncivil, or illegal. We ask for our readers' cooperation in maintaining a healthy and intellectual discussion environment on our portal.

Thank you.

Unmochon24 Team

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